Martes, Nobyembre 24, 2015


“Dr. Renato U. Paragas has given his life to one mission: Healing people through natural means. If you want to be healthy, I urge you to read this book and follow the Doctor’s prescriptions.”  Bo Sanchez, bestselling author

“My preference for naturopathic rather that allopathic medicine has encouraged me to recommend Dr. Renato u. Paragas’s book as a must-read. His book provides an innovative medical paradigm that opens up the treatment of the causes rather than the symptoms of the diseases. This model is worth pursuing. ” - Luis R. Villafuerte, Honoris Causa Agricultural Science

“Embodying a healthy lifestyle is a choice that leads to a happier and longer life. Natural healing is becoming increasingly popular nationwide. Make healthy behaviors a habit. Dr. Renato U. Paragas’s book is a must-read for our health choices.”  - Mayor John G. Bongat, Naga City, Camarines Sur

“Dr. Paragas’s book speaks well of how one values good health through good water, which is life to all mankind. This advocacy will forever be remembered by generations to come . Mabuhay! ”   –Dante Jimenez, VACC

“His words are insightful. Dr. Paragas brings you to the basics of water and minerals to achieve good health. It’s a good reminder on how we can simply be empowered towards optimum health. ” - Didoy Lubaton, M. D., Holistic Health Advocate

Nowadays, most of us look into many ways on how to be truly healthy. This book may be of great help in your pursuit to become one. Grab your copy now! - Paulo Tibig, EntrepChamp motivational speaker, bestselling author.

This book by Dr. Paragas is enlighthening. It gives the readers a practical approach to common health problems. Highly recommended! – Amy Villafuerte, ABS-CBN Bicol Station Manager

Dr. Paragas’s book on how to heal a person through natural and penny-wise means provides us with alternative options through which we can look into our wellness and well-being. Practical and very encouraging, his book gives a very useful insight toward healing and living well.- Dr. Georgina J. Bordado, DBM, CBSUA President

Dr. Paragas has made it clear and precise that water and minerals are among the best of nature’s healing powers. The Hipprocratic admonition, vis medicatrix naturae (honor the healing power  of nature), is encapsulated in this book. - Atty. Clarita Barcela-Padilla, Ed.D. Attorney III, DepEd-Naga City Division

The Anderson family and employees of Mineral Resources International are so grateful to Renato U. Paragas, M.D. for his diligent work and extensive research evidenced by his wonderful book. Readers  can unlock the mystery of so many health maladies by using insights gained about the miracles of all natural nutritional ionic minerals in conjunction with pure water. The research is followed by real stories of changed lives. Our health may be our most precious asset. If you ready to take your health back or want to protect your health, then this book is for you. The tine has come for these ideas to be promulgated far and wide. That is our prayer. - Bruce Anderson, CEO & President, Mineral Resources International, Ogden, Utah, USA